Welcome to Ayurishi Herbals

Building healthy India

Ayurishi Herbal is well established brand and manufacturer of Ayurvedic Products. We have over 45 years of experience in the field of medicine and have well researched the health and changing lifestyle as per change of time. Our products focus on immunity as we beleive human body can fight most of the diseases if it get proper nutrients which has been mentioned in Ayurvedas. Hence we focus on prevention and cure of problems naturally and strengthen the Body.

We Care About Your Health

We are developing and working on women's health as they are backbone of a Family. We have launched Pink Pearl which is a huge success and thousands of women have shared their feedback which motivates us to work more on same direction as we beleive we are making a difference.

Ayurishi Herbal aims to create a worldwide network with center as India to distribute quality products and change lives.